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Non Toxic Environments Home Health & Wellness

Jun 19, 2020

Air purification is always a hot topic with our clients and even more so these days.  Today, we sit down with Steve Mores who is the VP of Sales and Training for Dynamic Air Quality Systems to have an awesome conversation about all the different ways to filter and purify your indoor air.  Pleated filters vs...

Jun 12, 2020

Its been about two months since Jay and I dipped into the mailbag, so lets do it!  Today, we talk about sealing laminate/engineered floors, we talk about stain proofing marble, and we have a lengthy discussion about consulting on a new modular home build for a very sensitive client.  

Jun 5, 2020

Sealers, waterproofers, water many terms, so many different products!  What are they and why do we need all of them?  This episodes dives deep into the world of sealers to familiarize you with the terminology and descriptions so that you choose the right one for your job.  Concrete driveways, stone...