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Non Toxic Environments Home Health & Wellness

Jun 20, 2019

I imagine you've heard an episode or two of this show, so you may know that we always emphasize surface preparation and testing as keys for a successful project, no matter the task.  The surface that a sealer, coating, floor covering, etc, is going on, is called a "substrate" and we will always insist that the substrate is in the proper condition before covering it up.  So what exact IS a substrate made of and how should you prepare it?  Thats what we tackle today.  Its not a sexy show, but its uber important for you and your construction team to be able to speak the same language.  


Substrates we discuss:


Concrete (basement)

Concrete (slab on grade)

Concrete (elevated deck)

Concrete (decorative surface)

Concrete (Vertical)


Wood (framing)

Wood (subfloors)

Wood (sheathing)

Wood (cabinetry & millwork)

Wood (flooring)

Wood (exterior decking/fencing)

Wood (exterior siding)

Wood (misc)

Metal (interior)

Metal (exterior)

Vinyl Flooring


Existing Painted Surfaces (interior)

Existing Painted Surfaces (exterior)